Version 2.009


  • Language support extended to 560 according to Hyperglot, mainly in Latin and Cyrillic systems.


  • Majority of accents revised throughout all styles and masters (especially harmonizing Vietnamese).
  • Terminal of bold ȷ (0237) in script variant corrected.
  • Adjustments made to all K and related diacritics in script variant.
  • Adjustment made to k (ka-cy.loclBGR) in script variant.
  • Design of Ω (03A9) and related diacritics revised in bold masters.
  • Design of æ (00E6) and related diacritics revised in italic bold master.
  • Design of л (043B) revised in script variant (light italic master).
  • Revision of Ϗ (03CF) in all italic masters.
  • Bug fix name display issue #221