Version 2.003

In the 2.0 major release, we’ve done a few bigger changes listed below:

  • The typeface is now distributed only in ttf format for desktop usage. The format gives us additional control over hinting especially on the Windows platform. It also enabled us to ship the typeface in a variable form.
  • The professional version ships with a typeface that has variable weight for maximum amount of control.
  • As a result of this rework, there are now two extra weights: SemiBold (600) (for plus and above) and ExtraBold (800) (for complete).

In addition to these major changes, the release also contains a few other features and multiple fixes and these have been described below.


To keep the project sustainable and to address client demands, we’ve adjusted the way MonoLisa is distributed in the following ways:

  • The previous Personal plan has become so-called Basic plan.
  • The previous Professional plan has become Complete plan.
  • On top of the current plans, there are three tiers of subscriptions aimed at business use cases. Personal usage is still using one-time payment.

Given we consider version two a new product, there are the following upgrade paths to it:

  • If you bought v1 longer than six months ago, then we’ll give you a 50% discount to upgrade to v2 while staying on the same tier
  • If you bought v1 within six months, the upgrade to v2 is free for you
  • In v2, it’s still possible to upgrade to Complete

If you want to stay with v1, it’s still possible and we’ve taken care to provide downloads and customize tool that works with the legacy version.


  • Font weight is now variable by design
  • Script variant now supports Cyrillic and Greek. Within the Cyrillic version, the Russian script variant looks different than Bulgarian for example.
  • Additional currency symbols: Ukrainian hryvnia , Israeli new shekel , South Korean won
  • 〈〉 (Angle Brackets) added
  • Rounder () (parenthese) available as stylistic set 08 (ss08)
  • #133: Progress bars have been added
  • #141: Alternate >= and <= added as stylistic set 09 (ss09)
  • #150: Previous version of curly braces {} added as option (ss07)


  • #131: Hinting === and !== ligatures have been optimized
  • #152: Issue with wrong sidebearing in italic hyphen has been corrected
  • Inconsistency in horizontal stems in Ь (Soft Sign) has been corrected
  • Inconsistency in horizontal stem in Ц (Tse) has been corrected
  • Inconsistency in vertical stem in Њ (Nje) has been corrected
  • Sidebearing inconsistency in ↑↗→↘↓↙←↖ (arrows) has been corrected
  • Vertical orientation of ‹«»› (Guillemets) has been adjusted
  • Minor node misplacement in f has been corrected


  • #32: Ligature .- permanently has been removed to avoid confusion
  • #136: Ligatures <( and >( have been disabled due to conflicts with the <> combination
  • #142: #{, #(, #[ and ]# have been permanently disabled
  • #145: Most Symbols have been disabled to make OS emojis usable


  • Playground has been completely redone and allows you to try out different font features easily
  • Specimen has been redone and it allows you to toggle OpenType features. Technically it’s now generated from the font itself so it will stay always up to date.
  • Orders contains the customization tool within itself now allowing you to preview and apply the font features you want