Starting from this release, there are features that are provided for plus or professional only. Certain features and all fixes will still be available for the personal version as well.


  • Plus - Added script variant as alternative to italic (stylistic set ss02)
  • Plus - 1st alternative g (stylistic set ss03)
  • Plus - 2nd alternative g (stylistic set ss04)
  • Plus - Alternative ß (stylistic set ss05)
  • Plus - Alternative @ (stylistic set ss06)
  • Regular italic k construction altered
  • A small adjustment to Light master of upright r
  • Added ||= ligature


  • Non-breaking space added (#80)
  • Ligatures including or referring to [] or {} fixed to match in height (#78)
  • Diagonal stroke in notequal sign and similar lengthen for better distinction (#72)
  • All brackets are now aligned to match upper case letters