• 1.603


    • Positions of dots of letters i and j improved to render better in low pixel sizes #55
    • The font name shows up correctly under Windows now as MonoLisa instead of MonoLisa Bold #42
  • 1.602


    • f – The top shape has been made more open so that the character flows better with others


    • i and j – the spacing between the letter body and the dot has been increased. Now the characters look better on low resolution displays
  • 1.601


    • /** ligatures are now JSDoc compatible and balanced. Example:
     * Multi-line code comment
     * JSDoc comment


    • Copyright (c) ligature has been disabled as it's not useful for coding. #44
    • The terminals of the italic "f" character have been balanced to work better in common combinations like if or fi. #8
  • 1.600


    • TTF rendering should not crop on Windows anymore (#34)
    • ^ and ~ are easier to distinguish (#7)


    • Added ‘Normal asterisk’ (*) in ss01 (Stylistic Set 01)
    • Added ‘Slashed zero’ (0) in zero
    • Ligatures have been split into two sets - calt (contextual alternates) and liga (ligatures) to reflect the character meaning better.

    Ligature Sets

    Ligatures have been split into contextual alternates (calt) and actual ligatures (liga). Contextual alternates (calt) change only spacing between characters while ligatures (liga) replace combinations with different shapes.

    When you enable ligatures, both are enabled in editors like VS Code and WebStorm. Consider the VS Code configuration below:

      "editor.fontLigatures": true

    In order to control which features to enable in VS Code, you'll have to set configuration as below (standard CSS syntax):

      "editor.fontLigatures": "'calt' on, 'liga' off"

    Stylistic Sets

    Stylistic sets are a new feature that allow us to refine the glyphs in the future and let you choose the customizations you prefer since sometimes a specific way of rendering a character might fit your preferences better.

    To use them in browser, consider the following CSS:

    .stylistic-set-1 {
      font-feature-settings: "ss01";
    .stylistic-zero {
      font-feature-settings: "zero";

    To enable them in Visual Studio Code, configure its settings as follows:

      // Enable stylistic sets for all languages
      "editor.fontLigatures": "'ss01', 'zero'",
      // Enable stylistic sets for a specific language
      "[javascript]": {
        "editor.fontLigatures": "'ss01'"

    See VS Code issue 80577 for further information and technical details.

    It's not possible to control the enabled features in many of the popular editors yet. Please get in touch with the creators of your editors to make them aware of this so that more control may eventually be added.

  • 1.500

    Support for new languages

    • Azerbaijani
    • Cornish
    • Esperanto
    • Greenlandic
    • Kurdish
    • Nahuatl
    • Old Icelandic
    • Old Norse
    • Pinyin
    • Sami
    • Vietnamese
    • Zarma
    • Zazaki


    • New symbols - ➲☁☇☠☹☺☻☼☾♥❄⎇⎋🌐🌧🌩💳🔒🔓⇪⌧⌫⌦⏏⌨⌥⌘⏎⏻⏼⭘⏽⏾⎙
    • New ligatures - ''' and """ - Issue #2


    • Ligatures are now aligned vertically to match each other
    • General vertical text alignment has been fixed - Issue #5
  • 1.401


    • Cyrillic ъ character - Minor interpolation error corrected.
  • 1.400


    • Cyrillic languages are now supported including Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Russian, and Serbian
    • Greek is now supported
    • New symbols - Box drawing elements
    • New symbols - Block elements
    • New symbols - Geometric elements (circles, squares, triangles, …)
    • New symbols - Arrows
    • New ligature - ||
    • Optimized TTF files are now included as the file format works better for Windows users


    • Position of various brackets in ligatures have been adjusted in height to match regular brackets
    • Now <> and </> ligatures match in height and their angular inconsistency has been fixed
    • === and !== ligatures render correctly now
  • 1.303


    • Improve font rendering in Ubuntu by reducing V and H standard stems and fixing zone extension to one unit

    Improved font rendering in Ubuntu


    • Fix font rendering in Ubuntu by improving hinting behavior #6
  • 1.302


    • Fix font rendering in WebStorm by changing font file naming.

    Fixed slant

  • 1.3.0


    • Add support for three more block elements (shadelight, shademedium, shadedark)


    • đ ħ ŧ - position of bar in bolder styles.
    • f - position of horizontal stem in bolder styles.
    • Make the branch glyph slightly wider.
  • 1.2.0


    • e - Altered position of middle stem do have better balance between upper and lower white space
    • i - Increased height of i dot to achieve better distinction
    • Diacritics/Accents: Same procedure as with i dot
    • Center accent characters
  • 1.1.0


    • Add support for Powerline terminal glyphs

  • 1.0.0

    • Initial version